Services offered by Medgyan are:-

1. Special discounts(Note:15% discount on medicine With free home delivery,20% discount on lab test-diagnosis test)

The users who have registered with us can have multiple benefits from our advisory services. This includes the information about the various tests and the labs where these can be conducted. They can also get information about the name and contact details of the vendors who are offering medicines at discounted rates. Users can avail of these services by calling us. Special discount is not applicable for outside of delhi area's.

2. Medical history records for registered members

Having the medical history of all the family members on web-based platform has many benefits. All the records can be accessed conveniently at the click of a mouse without having to search, find and carry these to the doctors. Web platform even enables you to seek consultations from experts located in distant regions by providing them access to see your records on the web. Medgyan offers this extremely convenient service of maintaining and easily retrieving the medical records of all family members on the web. We only require your registration for availing this service. Another important benefit of this service is that you can maintain the prescription records and will get the alerts via SMS services one day in advance of stipulated date of completion of medication. This service will help you preserve records for a long time since this is not prone to wear and tear of paper-base prescriptions and records.

In short, using this service will help you to:

  • Maintain medical records for the whole family for a long time.
  • Do away with the problems of loss and wear and tear of paper-based subscription.
  • Seek consultations from specialists located far away.
  • Avoid the hassles of carrying medical records every time you visit the doctor, and especially during the medical emergencies.

3. Complete details about drugs its Pharmacology (Mechanism, benefits, side effects, doses etc) Brand & company name, composition, MRP, available substitutes, distributor information.

Medgyan provides the detailed information about the drugs. You can check the brand name, manufacturing company, composition, generally prescribed dosage, composition and the maximum retail price (MRP) of the drugs here. You can even find the alternative substitutes to that drug, in case that is not available in the market.

4. Detailed information about Doctors of different areas with specialty, address, attached hosp., contact no.

Medgyan brings you a comprehensive listing of all the doctors along with their areas of specialization, registration numbers, contact details and the hospital to which they are attached. It is our Endeavour to inform you about the specialists in their respective fields so that searching and contacting them becomes easy.

5. All the important details of common diseases.

On this portal, you will find the details of common diseases such as their common and medical names, causes and symptoms and the tests or examinations which are required to identify these. We do advise medical consultation and supervision for seeking remedy against these diseases. However, this portal also informs you about the methods of prevention including the lifestyle modifications that can be done.

6. Medical equipments for rent

If you are in need of having the medical equipments and aids on rent, this portal can be of great help to you. By calling us and describing your requirements in detail, you will get the benefit of expert consultancy on the make, model and quality of equipment/aid you need and the best places from where you can get these.

7. Home Nurse Facilities

Certain medical conditions require regular nursing at home. People find it difficult to find the right person for nursing the patient. There is a dependence on whom the doctors refer and, often, the choices are limited. This portal seeks to provide more choices to the people looking for home nursing services. By having a wide database of specialist nursing experts from different regions, we stand in unique position to inform you about the right person close to your home as well as at a reasonable distance from it.

8. Membership Pricing

For Delhi users :- Rs. 100 per year
For Delhi outsiders :- Rs. 100 per year (Special discount(Point No. 1th) is not applicable for Delhi outsiders)
For Free Users :- 3 days free search for free users.30 search count are allowed for free members in 3days. After 3 days the free user have to right to search only 3 serch count per day.

Note: Medgyan is an informative platform created with the aim of providing information about the medical services, products and services providers. We do not sell or seek to make any type of monetary gain from these services. This website is intended for the public good. We would also like to reiterate that the information on or through this website shall not be used as an alternative to the medical advice or medication from a registered practitioner.

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